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Reply To: just a thanks to all my friends here


I gave a “Thank you” to everyone who posted in this thread, because it’s threads like this that make people going, and it shows how people support each other here.

I was so many months without coming here, that my account was on hold, but after some emails, here I am again.
On hold are all my projects I had before the new US law. Maybe next year I’ll restart them.

Many things changed since the bill passed, but I see things here are still good. I’m happy for that.

Our work is in no way shady. As bb1 said we help people by directing them to places where they will have a fair play. And I always state that they should play for fun, and that they may win or loose money. Yeah, I may put some second thoughts in some people (and that is good if they are unsure), but I don’t need money from people with problems.