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Reply To: Please explain exactly why this ISNT shaving?

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Another RTG Stat from the virtual group (vitural casino). As you can see the earnings are roughly 1/3 of the deposits. So in this case the manager credits did not affect my earnings or I am missing something here ?

Summary to Date

Number of Clickthroughs: 421
Number of Downloaders: 149
Number of Players: 96
Number of New Depositors: 4
Total Initial Deposits: $80.00
Total Deposits: $370.00
Net Win: $2,648.05
Coupon Amounts Awarded: $1,403.00
Manager Credit Amounts Awarded: $745.00
ChargeBacks: $0.00
Net Profit: (Net Win – Coupons – Credits – Chargebacks) $125.01
Amount Deducted: $0.00
Amount Miscellaneous Adjustments: $0.00
Amount Added For Reversed Bans: $0.00
Amount Earned From Tiers: $0.00
Amount Earned: $125.01

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