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Reply To: thoughts on Barry Bonds (Nick! holler)

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@bb1webs 134982 wrote:

come on Nick,

I asked you because i respect your opinion. nothing more.

don’t be so defensive. It was a compliment.

I don’t go out of my way to insult anybody not deserving.

and if by now you don’t recogonize a compliment of such …. then i guess nothing I say will change that.

BB1 buddy, what is up with the paranoia

You sound like you’re not feeling so good lately, just turn that frown upside down, the sun will shine again, don’t worry

That’s a few times i’ve seen u head off in the wrong direction here lately for no good reason

Gambling Season 2007 is about to start, NFL style, get up for it

I haven’t even looked at baseball yet this year, hmm, I don’t know, the Cleveland Indians to win the World Series? :wink-wink