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Reply To: just a thanks to all my friends here

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Not much to add (though that’s unlikely to stop me), you’ve said so much about the dynamic world our community is.

All my success came from what i learned/shared with my friend/competitors here and at GPWA. As times have become less rewarding, my confidence that i can survive and succeed has become the most important part of my emotional “base”. This came from what i learned about the industry and what i’ve learned about living life as an entrepreneur and that came from my friends here. You can start with the most prominent folks here, the Professor and Dominique (who’ve run their own show for years), right thru to guys like you Steve, who come from a different world than i do and bring that experience to the table to share.

This used to be a great job. The job isn’t as good anymore, but the people are as good or better than they were in better times. We have fun, learn, debate, co-miserate and help each other. All through a bulletin board that has become way more than that.

guess i’m emotional too. Unlike you women, us men like show a bit of emotion! ;) LOL I think my “mid-life” crisis has officially entered it’s 6th year.

I start business school this week. If i learn half as much there as i have in this industry, it will be my 2nd most important factor (this industry being the most important) in my future success.