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Reply To: My amazing quick stats… (figure this one)


29 Clicks – These will only record from your new Grand Prive Affiliate links. i.e. Old ReferSpot links dont record here.

Where are the old links being recorded at? You realize there are many affiliates that are in the industry for many many years and they cannot possibly go and change out every single link because you all did not hire a smart enough tech to make this new program work smooth and show accurate stat info?

Personally if this is the way forward I am not jumping on the ride, it is a crap ride and I want nothing to do with it, I will go with a program that I am confident is tracking my players and my money I earn with at least 99% accuracy, also I like to be shown respect by having my concerns addressed in a nice timely manner instead of waiting for days and weeks.

Seriously right now your program does not report correctly at all and you have not explained to us affiliates why this is and when we can expect things to be corrected.

Have you indeed mapped over ALL of our players from Referspot?? It seems to me like your not really wanting affiliates around, is this why it is not the top of your list to address and fix these concerns?