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Reply To: thoughts on Barry Bonds (Nick! holler)

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Well thank you BB1 for appreciating my insight on such matters

I can tell u from my own experience competing in sports professionally that there are always those who cheat, nobody knew Maradona was high until after the fact and he was the most recognizable sports figure in the world.

It is a secret that is guarded well for some

My own personal belief, and how I live my life is that I will never do anything that is bad for me no matter how glorious the brief personal gain might be

That doesn’t mean I won’t drink or get occassionally, how do u say it, high, but I don’t take pills, inject myself, etc, never have, all they ever had to do was tell me it was gonna make my pecker smaller, I haven’t an inch to spare, that was enough to scare me away

As for Barry Bonds, not a lot of people seem to like him, he acts like he is better when really he is tainted to hell from the all the shit he put in himself, and his character is completely out of whack as a result

That’s the biggest problem, I think if it was a well rounded individual succeeding we could appreciate that, but not some guy who acts like an idiot and runs away from his own truths

Stand up, be a man, admit what u did

On the other hand, I have a Barry Bonds rookie card, go Barry

So what are u asking me BB1, u want me to make Barry Bonds dissapear because he pisses u off lol