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Reply To: Please explain exactly why this ISNT shaving?

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Well I have a bit of a reputation of going off on those who got it coming, so let me tell u what I think here

Firstly, if there was a contest for smooth talking affiliate managers i’d have to install Nic as the odds on favourite to win it

Reading between the lines it would appear that something happened behind the scenes sometime around May

Many people, myself included have noticed a bizarre revearsal of pattern in their account balances since that time(that means less money than u would expect)

There was also the mysterious departure of Natalie from Gambling Wages for reasons unknown

In my own personal case, despite all of Nic’s assurances, I have not yet been paid commissions owed that are 3+ months late, and am getting the checks in the mail routine, Nic gave me his word that I would be paid by the first week of July at the latest, after I had to remind him they owed me money several times, now his word mean Jack Shit to me, there ain’t no damn check in the mail, do u really think i’m that dumb.

On the other hand, there might be some issues with payment processing, as True Earnings are also claiming that they can’t find a way to pay me, another RTG brand

As far as player performance goes, all my players are suddenly winning the past few months, hmm, or losing, I don’t really know, I just know i’m not making any coin

I am pretty sure I have their scam figured out, but i’ll just wait and see what happens for a while

As for the stats, they are a joke, I had a negative commission amount earned of $300+ carried over to the start of this month, I guess maybe they thought I wouldn’t notice, so much for no negative carryover


It’s hard to question the instinct of the people here who suspect wrong doing, especially with so many years experience in the business.

The next question is what should we do about it