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Reply To: discouraging news about NETeller/feedback on click2pay wanted

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You have people play for you???

Hi Chips,

Ideally I just toss some extra cash towards people that are already playing in return for knowing how much and where they have been playing but in this case I am trying out some new places and don’t care to wait to see if I can catch somebody that is already playing there; to find out if I’m being treated fairly.

too much lost income could be a result of waiting.

testing casinos for accurate tracking is IMHO paramount to being successful in this business.

and though I’ve no proof in actual numbers, judging from where I’m at now, to where I was when I was struggling (and not testing) : I would have to guess it pays off about a 1000 fold. When I first started testing I bet I ended up dumping 80% of the casinos i had listed.

And it used to be okay to just test a casino once or twice and if they passed, you were probably jake, but now I think the cheaters have gotten more sophisticated and now rather than shave players, they siphon-off proven good players after a set amount of time.

To counter-act that : I have begun the campaign as stated : now I keep (loose) tabs and if I catch a situation where one of my proven players tells me they deposited say a $1000 bucks on last tuesday, and it didn’t show up; then I know to dump that casino and you can bet that though I may not make my results public (because I still may be making money with that program and don’t care to lose it) that I will be talking to all my closer friends and peers in an attempt to save them falling into the same trap that I find myself; as I would hope they would do the same for me.

Don’t worry about not being informed too much though; because as soon as my residuals drop-off you can bet I’ll be yelling from the mountain tops to anyone that will listen.

And most programs that cheat in such manner, won’t waste too much time in killing-off residual income once they see I’m not sending any more new players.

so its about a 2 to 3 month stretch at best would be my guess before I’d take such action.

All that said; don’t rely on me; everyone should test and do so with more than a $20 deposit.

like I said, it will pay back immensely.


thanks for the input on click2pay, and if you wanna test a casino for me, holler (pm) and I’ll send you some money thru neteller.