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Reply To: What’s happening to some portals PR?

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Originally posted by atlrus
Is it worth taking a chance loosing your website even if it’s 50-50 chance?

That depends.

PR is not a big concern for me, though having a PR7 is nice. It doesn’t help you in the rankings, and I see sites with low PR higher than me.

Will it affect my PR? Maybe – but so far I haven’t seen that affect.

Will it affect my rankings? Doesn’t appear to have done so – first there was a drop but it came right back again within 24 hours, so I’m assuming it was just pulling results from a different server.

Do I recommend linking to PR0-1 sites? Of course not – but sometimes there are other concerns which are more important, such as reciprocating favors or friendship.

In the end, the decision really ought to be a personal one as long as you don’t make a habit of linking to lots of low-PR sites. PR sure hasn’t paid any of my bills… LOL…