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Reply To: It bugs me when….

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What bugs me is when people send out e-mails telling me that they searched on 1,000,000 search engines and directories and couldn’t find my site anywhere. And for a low low price of $X I can have my site listed on all.

When I reply asking them to list all 1,000,000 of these sites so I can check them myself they don’t reply. What’s up with that?

Back on link exchanges: If they ask for a link without first posting their own I delete the message straight away. The only exception is if they want a link outside of the directory page.

The really annoying part is I don’t list my e-mail at all on my sites, they actually have to look at the source, find my e-mail embeded in the from code, then e-mail me. It would be so much easier to just put their information in the form!