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Reply To: about Vegas Partner


That may be difficult – most of us have their favorites.

When I said avoid – I meant you dont want to talk about whom your testing within eyes reach of a potential lurker who would jump at the chance to brownnose …

Everyone who I know that is a successful marketer who works with Vegas Partners does very well with them …. If you cant make money with these guys something is very wrong.

Well I do pretty damn well and I never seen crap with VP – maybe they have a quota that requires you to promote for a said duration of time before you start seeing profits. I think RB used to do that too … but I refuse to give anyone more than a few hundred hits for testing without seeing ANY performance at all!

So Id have to say Yah – something was wrong alright!

I signed up in Late October of 2003 …

And my conversions were as follows:

19.5% on clicks to downloads
4.5% on clicks to guest
0% on downloads to reals

I dropped them in early November after sending several hundred hits! Sure thats not a great quantity but it was great quality!

I sent all my hits to Sun Vegas & Crazy Vegas – the 2 so-called front runners.

I guess I wasnt selected :baaa: as a partner theyd like to work with.