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Reply To: Commission Changes


Guys I spoke with Kamiel this morning and you can be sure Referback is looking into some positive components for the program that will reward affiliates actively promoting their client casinos.

It’s unfortunate that these positive enhancements weren’t reported at the same time as the fourth tier. I think in hind sight Referback realizes that now.

I don’t think they realized so many people would be upset at this change as they saw it as a way to motivate people who were no longer actively promoting their casinos. NOT as a punitive measure against those that do.

While I don’t agree with retroactively changing terms that had been previously agreed upon, I can understand their concerns. They have affiliates receiving commission checks that send 0 hits and are not making any effort what so ever to market the casinos. If you are going to collect a check from a partner the least you could do is leave a few text links up or banners on back pages. There are plenty of programs out there that will not pay you AT ALL if you no longer promote their clients. At least Referback didn’t take that draconian approach to solving this problem.

While I think this fourth tier was ill advised I am hopeful that future positive incentives will more then cancel out the current negative feelings being expressed.