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Reply To: Buy an internet gambling house, $500 – $6500?

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‘A lot of people have links at their portal sites for casinos paying no more than 30% to 35% anyway. Why would they choose not to promote yet another casino offering 30% to 35%? It offers their visitors one more selection.’

You are right that 35% commission is good for a casino. But my point is that an affiliate could go directly to the windows casino website and promote them and receive 45% plus a bounty. So from an affiliates perspective to promote you versus windows casino directly would cost them at least 10% profit.

I am glad to hear that they do great web design. My biggest problem is with it is probably having the ‘powered by windows casino’ logo on the website as this might confuse some people. One thing about Windows casino is that they are upfront and very honest when it comes to paying. I didn’t promote them for over a year and they still sent regular checks in the mail. It also shows that they retain players very well.