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Reply To: Wouldn’t it make more sense???

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Originally posted by Chips For Free
haha you think that’s bad…

Check this out:

I only actively promoted them when I was still new and for only loike 5 months. I have not even considered promoting them for about the last 6 months. So this is about ayears total now and I have not seen ONE penny from them and they claim no negative balance will carry over after you send them like 80 players or something but that’s a bunch of crap……I email them all the time they dont respond grr!

Visitors: 855
Downloads: 740
Signups: 760
Depositors: 14
Total Deposits: $1,964.00
Net Win: $11,896.62
Bonuses: $15,249.04
Credits: $336.39
ChargeBacks: $0.00
Net Profit: ($4,459.98)
25%-35% C ommission: ($1,115.00)
2-Tier: $0.00

And my traffic is pretty decent considering how short I have been doing this for and the amounts I am pulling in after a years work.

My God those numbers are bad!

I think that if you are not getting at least $500 in net profit to casino I think it is ridiculous. Now I have not made so much players, but if I dont like what I see I kick them out in a flash – I might be a bit too hasty, but better hasty than sorry – I learned that the hard way (BTD).

In all I am a bit baffled when seeing so much of these one deposit wonders that I dont know what to think. I personally feel that players should stay and play weekly for months even years, at least as that is what I´ve done.

I know I will be able to produce a lot better player value than mere few bucks with my own casino that is opening soon and I am currently enjoying over $600 player net worth to casino with my basic privatelabel So when concidering that I can make over $600 to casino with my tiny privatelabel how can any honest quality casino be making a few bucks per player – this goes way beyond my comprehension :D