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Reply To: Wouldn’t it make more sense???


Matt, you are wrong here.

They put the $10 in the bonus but once the player lost that bonus you will also have $10 in net-win, so your net profit is $0

I tell you where the problem lies…
Many players open mutliply accounts to recieve the no-deposit bonus again, those accounts are being closed by the casino but they dont remove the $10 from our stats.
That’s what I think is happening…

I’m amazed by my connect2casino total stats:

Number of Clickthroughs: 8145
Number of Downloaders: 8766
Number of Players: 8510
Number of New Depositors: 218
Total Initial Deposits: $12,585.00
Total Deposits: $88,275.00
Net Win: $727,369.99
Coupon Amounts Awarded: $523,123.70
Manager Credit Amounts Awarded: $195,312.93
ChargeBacks: ($1,575.00)

Net Profit: (Net Win – Coupons – Credits – Chargebacks) $715.63
Amount Deducted: $4,473.21
Amount Miscellaneous Adjustments: $0.00
Amount Added For Reversed Bans: $3,179.33
Amount Earned From Tiers: $0.00
Amount Earned: ($578.24)

You see there are more players then clickthroughs which means that players open multiply accounts.
Thats explaining how $88,275.00 in deposits get me -$578.24