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Reply To: slotland and freegames


Thanks Fergie! :)

Yes, WE as a casino as well as YOU as the webmasters do this business for the money. And the money goes from REAL PLAYERS.

I believe that free games as well as huge bonuses generates more the ‘free players’ and ‘low players expenses’ than higher profit. You can see in many casinos that they wagering requirements start from 15x which nearly dissalow the players to cash out the winnigs! This situation has been caused by casinos themselves – by their fight for the short-time profit from huge bonuses offer. This bonuses hunt for the players has spoilt the players and show them the chance playing online for free or with short expenses.

We do not participate in this XXXL% bonuses hunt and we keep the wagering requirements as low as possible. Except of the 8xtimes for the 100% registration bonus, we keep 1xtime for the rest of the standard bonuses. However we plan to increase some promotional bonuses + increase its wagering requirements also to 8x, this will be only once a month.

More details about New Slotland Bonuses program will be released soon! :-)

Have a great day!

Yours, Hannah :)