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Reply To: New Certified Programs


I don’t know about the “who” but if I am not surprised at their timing.

Fortune is suppose to be releasing a new tracking program (so perhaps this time they are more certain about it. Or at least certain enough about it that they are willing to come here. I hope its a good thing.

As for RB, well I’ve recently had two pretty good months with them and I’ve heard talk that others have had similar experiences which if there is truly a pattern seen forming there: that it would stand to reason they are wanting to bring the strays back into the fold.

What kinda scares me about all this; is if this is more than coincidence that these two things should come together at the same time, then it tells me that they haven’t changed their ways one bit and its more of the same with a “new and improved” label slapped on it.

Shoot I want to make money with these programs and would much rather spend my time praising them than not; if you didn’t see in their welcome thread; i’m already trying to show them that I want to get along and that I want to promote them.

And I do. But for me it will likely be a slow process because I’m so damn afraid of the results I will see 2 months down the road after I’ve spent a bunch of time and effort getting their casinos back on my pages.

In other words, I’ll list them in a limited number of spots for the next 6 months and then see where I stand.

So far, whether out of incompetent tracking or by purposeful intention to cheat us, neither group has ever proven to be overly-generous in profit to us per player: and since it would take a considerable, no, it would take a head-turning profit – and not just a month or two, but on a steady basis: in order to get me in the mindset of wanting to slap all the casinos from either group up in my prime spots…

If clues lead me to to assume they are deciding what I should be paid as opposed to my getting a true % of net win, then it is also easy to assume then that they were doing likewise back when I DID have them in good spots. And if back then they couldn’t justify paying me more than the measily income that I saw from them, then they won’t be able to justify paying me that much now; over a long haul.

So I figure if I give them limited exposure and see what happens, that if they don’t prove to have a solid bottom line for month after month, that I will not be out too much because the minute they don’t produce, they come down.

Of course, this is all contingent on my current top producers. If current producing casinos continue in same fashion, then it would be a rather foolish move to take them down and put up something that has already proven in the past to be questionable.