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 Letter From the Professor - July 16, 2008

Meet CAP's New Content Manager!
I'm happy to introduce you to Nathan Denny. Nathan has just joined the team at as our new Content Manager and will be helping me tackle the ever-growing job of adding fresh, new and helpful content to CAP as we continue to grow by leaps and bounds.


Starting soon, you'll be seeing Nathan's posts at the Forum under NathanCAP, and he'll also be taking over the important job of making sure all your press releases, promotions, and news items get exposure on the CAP site.


Speaking of promotions and press releases, we recently set up a brand new email address at that's specially created to receive any news you may want to share. Make sure to send us any press releases you have, and we'll see to it that they're placed right where the CAP community can see them.  



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As many of you already know, CAP publishes a beautiful, world-class magazine focusing on the online gaming industry every two months.


As you may NOT know, our magazine is the largest, longest-running, and most widely read magazine serving the online gaming affiliate community. It's loaded with tons of insider business info, interviews with the industry's movers and shakers, details on upcoming events and shows, and much, much more. On top of all the great content, it's just a great-looking magazine, leaps and bounds better than anything else of this type.


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Will the EU Object to UIGEA?
As I mentioned in the Forum recently, there's a very interesting article by Eli Lehrer currently on American Spectator's website. The gist of it is that EU trade emissaries are due to visit Washington D.C. later this month, and some hard discussion of UIGEA and its unwelcome effects may well be on the table.


In the course of the article, Lehrer calls the UIGEA legislation among "the worst written sections of the United States Code," most likely because of its awkward construction -- the law requires financial institutions to police Internet gaming because the government simply isn't able. That places an unreasonable obligation on institutions that have no interest in acting as a police or regulatory force, nor the ability or resources to do so. 


Lehrer goes on to speculate that the EU's dissatisfaction with UIGEA may be part of a formal Trade Barriers Regulation complaint, which is reportedly already in the works. 


"A series of 'interrogatories' -- formal questions directed at American officials -- appears to show what will come," writes Lehrer. "The questions cover topics ranging from the way the United States has enforced laws to the size of the U.S. gambling industry. Running almost 5,000 words, the list of questions reads more like the outline of a legal brief rather than a simple set of inquiries. It asks for every detail of the operations of the U.S. gaming industry and asks U.S. regulators to justify nearly every action they've taken with regard to Internet gambling."


" ... Since enforcement of the gambling laws falls almost entirely on the banking sector, it appears likely that the EU could well respond with banking sanctions directed at getting the U.S. to change its behavior. ... Given the enormous volume of trade between the U.S. and Europe, almost $700 billion in 2007, even a tiny series of retaliatory measures would have severe implications for the U.S. economy."

Lehrer finishes the article with a great summary of the entire UIGEA fiasco: "Even if the EU decides to stay quiet and never complains about UIGEA, it's pretty obvious that America's effort to regulate gambling at the federal level needs to end. Thirty years ago, when casinos existed in only one state, federal laws cracking down on gambling represented the public will. Today, with gambling legal in 48 states, America's debate over gambling has ended with the side that favors legalization as the clear winner. The positive and negative consequences of widespread legal gambling have already touched every corner of American society. The risk of a serious trade dispute offers a new reason why the U.S. should do away with its federal gambling laws and let state legislatures and consumer preferences decide where -- and if -- Internet gambling needs government regulation."

What do you think of Lehrer's conclusions? Is there any chance that the EU can apply enough pressure to help convince U.S. trade interests to rescind UIGEA? Join us here to discuss.


Another CAP Money Award Winner!
Drum roll please … This week’s winner of an gift certificate or Paypal Cash for $125 is Engineer for the thread, "List of affiliate programs that credit the first referral instead of the last." It was a great idea for a topic that's received more than 640 views as of Wednesday morning.


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Casino Blaster Survey
Please check out this survey thread about Casino Blaster. Help them get all the info they need to make their affiliate program as great as you need it to be!



 Program Spotlight


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 In The News

Remember: Knowledge is power!

Whether you know it or not, the potential success for your affiliate marketing program is directly affected by a wide range of factors, from local laws and foreign markets, and, (unfortunately!) good old fashioned politics. In other words, it's best to stay informed -- and there's no better way to do just that than checking out the latest industry news each and every day in the CAP newsroom.

This week's highlights include:

California Online Poker Bill Progress
Next month, the California Gambling Control/Intrastate Online Poker Legalization Act gets voted on by the Senate Appropriations Committee. Read more here. Discuss it here.

Report: Ireland Could Benefit from U.S. Online Gaming Ban
According to, the Irish government has its eye on potential economic benefits that could arise from America's UIGEA legislation, which essentially bans all online gaming in the U.S.
Read More here.

Canadian Academic Calls for Online Gambling Regulation
Licensing and regulating experienced operators could reduce the risk of harmful effects, argues a Canadian business school executive.
Read more here. Discuss it here.

South African Online Gambling Bill Still Awaiting Presidential Signature
The South African National Gambling Amendment Bill, which introduces a government-controlled licensing and regulatory regime for online gambling, is still awaiting signature by the country's president.
Read more here. Discuss it here.  

Belgium Preparing to Embrace Internet Gambling?
The home of the EU is preparing to open its Internet gambling market to private providers.
Read more hereDiscuss it here

Solid Growth at Playtech
London-based online gambling software developer is growing fast and looking for more acquisitions.
Read more here. Discuss it here.

Good Results from Jaxx
The German lottery firm's move into sports betting is doing well.
Read more here. Discuss it here.

Another WTO Deadline Passes In U.S. Vs. Antigua Dispute
Ongoing attempts to reach a solution to the online gambling dispute between the USA and Antigua and Barbuda continued this week.
Read more hereDiscuss it here

Aussie White Label Deal for 888
Gibraltar based online gambling group has continued its white label expansion with an Australian-Asia deal with the Poker Dome Group.
Read more hereDiscuss it here

Political Arm-Twisting Helped Defeat HR 576?
Politicians give an insight into the action behind the Frank/Paul attempt to stall the UIGEA regulations.
Read more hereDiscuss it here


 Community Forum

This Week's Poll
Senior CAP member Engineer chimed in last Wednesday with a call to list programs that track using sessions only -- no cookies. Check out the list here and chime in if you have something to add.


 Manager's Corner

Laura Renee from Rewards Affiliates

Renee was a web designer for a small company before she came across an affiliate coordinator position almost by accident three years ago. From that point on, her passion for the Internet grew even more. A self-described musical geek at heart ("geek: a nerd with social skills"), Renee is a self-taught pianist who's also passionate about singing.

Renee also loves sports, especially softball and baseball. Her favorite artist is Christina Aguilera, her favorite flower is a tulip, her favorite day of the week is Saturday, and her favorite foods are Greek and Italian. But most of all, Renee's favorite thing to do in the world is laugh. She feels that her greatest accomplishment is making something out of nothing -- just like her favorite TV show, Seinfeld.

Find out more here.


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Since you're already reading this, you probably already know. But for those of you who just skim the top headlines here, I'd like to offer a friendly reminder: As a CAP member, if you're not taking full advantage of all the great (and exclusive) things we offer here in the CAP Newsletter, you're missing out! Especially as we begin work on designing a new and improved version of this weekly community resource. In the coming weeks, you'll be seeing some exciting changes here, and we want to make sure that you, our valued affiliates, have a voice in deciding these changes. So be sure to visit Nathan's Forum post on the topic to let us know what you think.

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