CAP Newsletter - (February 7th 2008)
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 Letter From the Professor - February 7, 2008

After all the excitement of CAP Euro London, ASOP and the CAP Awards it's nice to get a little rest and then get back on track with all the thousand other projects we have pending here at CAP this year.

Here's a peek at what 2008 will bring:

CAP Events
Currently the events team is finalizing a location (think Mediterranean beach) and dates (think mid May) for CAP Spring Break. Planning and registration will begin for this annual tradition shortly. It's everyone’s favorite event of the year so plan on being there. I know I will.

PAP will be putting on our first Online Poker Conference and it promises to be a huge event in its own right. Stay tuned for news on the location and dates.

CAP 2.0
Around the community we have a great deal of additions and enhancements planned including:

- Additional language support for European and Asian markets
- Scheduled chats and online conferences
- Even more articles and tutorials for newbies and not so newbies in our learning center.
- Video and live streaming integration throughout the site.
- Computer based live training modules to help accelerate learning for all affiliates. The more you learn the more you learn!
- Expand the Affiliate Series of Poker (ASOP) and increase your chances to win even bigger prizes at our events.

We have our work cut out for us but the added benefits to our members are well worth the effort.

Topic of Discussion

Ron Paul, potential savior for online gaming or wasted vote?
Yes, primary fever has stuck us at CAP too and after following the votes on the news networks I began to question the validity of the Ron Paul campaign. Many affiliates have indicated they plan on voting for Ron Paul. Does this send a message to the world or is the Ron Paul candidacy a republican trick to siphon off votes from the Democrats and Independents? What’s your opinion on the candidates? Join the discussion here:

 Program Spotlight

Chan Poker

Tired of affiliate programs that don't care? Tired of countless unanswered emails? If you are, you have come to the right place. ChanPoker's Affiliate Program is a revolutionary affiliate program that focuses on partnerships. Our program is designed around you, the way it should be!

Find out more about Chan Poker

 Industry News

Israeli Online Casino Busted

Police in Israel arrested seven people and detained 18 others for questioning last weekend on suspicion of running an illegal online gambling ring said to be worth tens of million of dollars a year.  Read More

Swede Wins Online Poker Leaderboard
Swedish amateur online player Cecilia Borg triumphed this week at's Poker Leaderboard Challenge to take home guaranteed seats at every iPoker-supported land-based European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour tournament this year and a chance at starting a lucrative professional career. Read More

Poker Holidays From Nuts Poker League
The founder of the Nuts Poker League, Steve Bellis, has teamed up with a travel business in the northern Welsh town of Holywell to offer exclusive poker holidays.  Read More

Blackjack Operator's Signature Link
Online backgammon site has announced the integration of the patented Signature Link verification system to allow VIP players to register and sign their names with only a few movements of the mouse. Read More

 Community Forum

strategic link building
I am looking for someone to do some strategic link building for me? Can you recommend someone I can pay to do this? Read More

How to push conversion rates? Many signups but no depositors
I am totally new in the business, started with InternetMarketing about November 2007. I created some Winning Strategies Poker EBooks, promoting CasinoClub and Rushmore. When I see my statistics some strange things are going on, I cannot understand. I launched the ebooks about 4 weeks ago. Read More

 Manager's Corner

Brandon BerndtBrandon Berndt, Chan Poker

I started in the industry around three years ago as an affiliate and have been an Affiliate Program Director for a little over a year now. I have really enjoyed my time in the industry, and couldn’t be happier.

I am really excited to release my affiliate program. We have put a lot of hard work into it, and I think affiliates will be very pleased. It was very important to me to utilize my experience as an affiliate when creating the program as it is built around what affiliates need. Easy to use backend, all the tools you need, fast payments, and most importantly support. I am always available for you guys!

Find out more about Chan Poker

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