CAP Newsletter - (February 7th 2011)


WordPress Themes for Casino Affiliates

As you may have heard, WordPress design themes are revolutionizing online business. With their cost-efficient and user-friendly interface, it's no wonder that 32 percent of affiliate marketers use WordPress marketing tools, and an even greater number are thought to run on WordPress sites.

It makes sense. WordPress themes are perfect for new affiliates just starting out; because they're easy to set up, they’re also very well-suited for the ambitious affiliate who’s always launching new sites.

For bloggers, WordPress themes offer most of the functionality of more complex content management systems (CMS), but with a much less confusing interface.

How to Choose?
Search Google for WordPress themes and you get almost 80 million results. Search specifically for WordPress themes for casino affiliates, and your choices are narrowed down a bit to just 176,000 results!

So how do you choose? Here are the biggest deciding factors:

2-Column Design. The design doesn’t have to be strictly casino or poker related. A simple, classy design bests communicate any message, no matter what your niche. Make sure it has two columns, though it'd be rare to find one that doesn't.

Widget and Plug-in Support. One of the key advantages of using WordPress themes are the huge variety of widgets and SEO tools available for use. Make sure your theme can incorporate the tools you need.

Admin Panel Preview. Make sure the admin panel is straightforward and easy to use to minimize time wasted trying to figure it out.

That's just the beginning; check out CAP's WordPress theme primer for more details on what to look for in a casino affiliate WordPress theme.

In the meantime, CAP also recommends these SEO tools:

Wordtracker -- Wordtracker's free keyword tool can help you find the best money keywords for your business.

SEOpressor - This is an extremely effective WordPress plugin that makes managing on-page SEO a breeze.

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