Ace Incentives Program

There’s a lot more to affiliate management than just answering e-mails and phone calls in a timely manner. In the world of affiliate marketing, true client care is all about building strong relationships and customizing affiliate programs to meet specific needs. That area is where the Ace Incentives Program comes into the picture.

The Ace Incentives Program is a seasonal promotion that runs each summer and fall and is customized for each individual affiliate partner. Not only does the program allow affiliates to earn additional income, that income is distributed over multiple performance tiers with increasingly lucrative payouts. In other words, the better you perform, the more you make.

Ace Sub-affiliate (Keyword) Tracking

A/B testing solutions are helpful in finding out which techniques actually deliver traffic to your website, but implementing them can be a time-consuming affair.

The Ace Sub-affiliate keyword tracking program makes A/B testing a lot easier by providing affiliate partners with options for creating custom URLS they can use to segregate traffic. These Ace affiliate links have a keyword appended onto the end of them so they can be individually tracked. The affiliate reports section has been updated with a ‘Sub-affiliate Reporting’ area that displays the performance of each of these custom links for analysis. Using sub-affiliate links, webmasters can determine the design and content elements that actually drive traffic, and they can adjust their marketing and design strategies accordingly.

Captain Jack Promotion

Incentives like the Las Vegas vacations offered as part of Ace Revenue’s Captain Jack promotion prove that sometimes the classic incentives – like a good ol’ fashioned trip to Las Vegas – are still the best ones.

To qualify for the trip, affiliates must sign up 100 new, real money deposit players to the Captain Jack Casino over the course of six months (though the contest closes on August 1, 2014).

Winners receive a three-night stay at the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas. (That’s in addition to Ace Rev’s 45% lifetime revenue share for new affiliates.)

Holiday Marketing Packages

Holiday seasons like Christmas and summer vacation are times of the year when casino affiliates can use all the help they can get converting, and even finding, new players. Both Gwages and Ace Revenue offer their affiliate partners a host of season promotional materials to help them thrive during the slower times of year.

Seasonal promotional opportunities offered by the company include topical HTML e-mails and promotional banners. All of this material is easily accessible from the affiliate backend.

Weekly HTML Mailers

Marketing support is a huge issue for casino affiliates who count on their affiliate operators to provide them with high-end marketing materials to help close the deal with potential players. To that end, in addition to the aforementioned holiday emails, AceRevenue/Gwages provides their affiliate partners with a set of six, top-of-the-line HTML mailers every week with standard bonus offers. These mailers vary amongst the company’s many casinos.

This weekly attention to detail is all part of a philosophy that recognizes the value in providing affiliate partners with the tools they need for success.

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