Starting on Sunday June 1st, we're running our first ever Affiliate Freeroll Series. And like all things Hollywood, we figured "go big or go home!"
That's why we're giving away a total of $5,000 in weekly freerolls for all Hollywood Affiliates members!
Any new or present affiliates are eligible!

Simply mail to be added to the ticket list.

Events are to be held every Sunday at 2:30pm ET, and will run for the next five weeks. Your tickets to this Hollywood Affiliates exclusive event will be issued each Friday.

If you're an existing member, consider this a 'thank you' for continued partnership with one of the fastest internationally growing programmes in industry.

If you're registering with us for the first time, ENJOY! In either case. take the opportunity to test drive our software and maybe win a cash bonus on top of your revenue!

Good cards to all!