To create your campaign, please, do
the following:

1- Log in at the affiliate center:

Enter with you email and password ?

Enter with you email and password

2- Click on the ACTIONS button to create and schedule your campaigns
Create an ACTION with start up date and finish date as December,31,2009.
Give a name to these campaign and click o the CREATE button.
3- Click on AD TOOLS button and select the desired language (English, Spanish or Portuguese)
Click on the search button to display the desired language buttons.and a banner

4- Select your banner ( sportsbook or games) and click on the SELECT button of the desired banner.
Choose the related campaign to the selected banner on the scrool box., Use the link located bellow the page as “NEXT” to search for more banners.

A code will be generated, something like: (NOTICE THAT THOSE CODES ARE ONLY AN EXAMPLE)

5- Click and paste this code on your site.
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