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strange problem: particular page gets ignored in crawl

splinterfree asked 2 years ago
i’ve discovered a problem and can’t figure out what is going on.

i have a news page here with updated daily articles getting posted. for some reason google doesn’t seem to index the articles, even though the last 3 articles are even shown on the home page (, and last 5 articles are shown on all other pages on the right hand side bar.

i’ve checked the robots.txt file and the google crawler (comes in every day) and everything looks kosher. why aren’t articles from there being listed?

the site is built on drupal. although unlikely, but could that be a problem?

the strange thing is that its the only part of the website that is getting updated daily, yet only articles from 2 weeks ago are showing up in google search.

even more su****iously this url ( does not show up in google search results when i search for it. &” class=”bbcode_url”>here is the search query

any ideas? thx in advance. :hattip:

1 Answers
GaryTheScubaGuy answered 2 years ago
That is weird. The cach date goes clear back to Jan 8th. I’d check Webmaster Central and see if it is giving any errors. There is definitely an issue with in as far as Google is concerned.

The only others that even show a cache date are;
and two articles in the same directory – /blackjack-news?page=

In fact, after digging a little deeper I think you can easily solve your problem by rewriting the urls. All of these pages have a cache date earlier than the 8th, and most of them cannot be found so Google is putting them into the omitted results. This is either because the identifier [?page=] or possibly you are adding new content to existing pages and just building onto it and creating a new page every day? If so that would be a duplicate content issue as well. There are also 404’s being returned.

None of your /Node/ directory pages are getting into the index…and finally (phew) it looks like your pages in this directory;, are about to go into omitted results.

So that’s a few places for you to start looking around.

Start at Webmaster Central and look for errors.

Whatever you do create a new xml sitemap and manually submit it. Some of those pages have backlinks so one of the above (or a combination of the above) will get them out and ranking wherever they should be fairly quick.