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JillO asked 8 months ago
I wanted to share a “re-introduction” of one of our long-time Discussion Leaders here in the forums, ShotgunPete. ShotgunPete has been a community member with CAP since February 2007 and is incredibly talented in the area of Site Design & Development.

So… for everyone who may be new to the space or is undergoing a site re-design… I encourage you to post your sites in this forum and reach out to our friend ShotgunPete to get his expert advice.

Here’s a little background for you to check-out. Otherwise, “Mark” we’re excited to get you back up and running more often around here <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

I’m Shotgunpete (or Mark), I’ve been in the affiliate ‘marketing’ business since 2003 and promoting online gambling since 2005. I’ve seen the ups and downs, the professional and crooked affiliate programs, all of google madness over the years, and have been supervising the creation of websites and creating websites since 2003. Over the last couple of years CAP has
asked me to review peoples websites upon their requests. If you would like me to review your site just post it and I will get to it asap.