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SEO… What’s the secret?

sebby1234 asked 2 years ago
Hi everyone. :wavey:

I’m currently developing my website and am getting really close to going live but want to make sure i’ve done the right thing before letting it loose.

So far, i’ve made sure the main page had sufficent content to cover many of the relevant keywords, added whatever keywords I could not include inside the meta tags, made sure all non-subscriber content is viewable so it can be found by search engines.

Obviously the next step is getting linked but this can only happen once I am live and wanted to be sure I’m not missing anything obvious in the meantime.


1 Answers
Roo answered 2 years ago
You can’t go wrong with content. :wink-wink

You should create pages based on keywords that you want to come up on in search engines when someone searches for that term. Of course the more competing sites that have this as a keyword, the harder it is to get highly placed… so rather than pick a word like ‘Bingo’ use tools such as Word Tracker to determine if ‘Internet Bingo Games’ would give you a better possibility of bringing your site up.

You will find fewer people search for these type of phrases but there will be much less competition… also you may find that by having more specific pages; prospects will find exactly what they are really looking for and therefor you may get better conversion rates.

The key to all search engine optimization is in the content in my experience.

As a search engines goal is to provide a searcher with the most relevant web site /page to their search word or term. The content on web sites that link to your web site also has a strong bearing on the relevance that will be placed on your site.

SEO is on ongoing science and there are whole sites dedicated to this very subject but I hope this helps in some way.

Good hunting.