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Pr Update ?????

Lenny asked 3 years ago
Is it supposed to be coming soon ?
9 Answers
allfreechips answered 3 years ago
its Never supposed to happen at any specific time.. Lot of people guess though

itay answered 3 years ago
Dont worry, if you are waiting for an update, it is comming soon… I guess you need to keep on going the right directions, google will be there!

elgoog answered 3 years ago
it is supposed to be yes
but dont get blinded by that littke green bar
it says less and less…

Lenny answered 3 years ago
Was just curious , Really dont care about pr too much , when my site was pr 5 was doing 5000 uniques a month , now im pr 3 and doing 35000 .

Just that i have a few small sites im looking to sell , and some buyers look at pr before buying and i know there going up on the update /

Rob472 answered 3 years ago
Many people on dp are reporting changes and I have seen some changes on a couple of my websites so yes its coming. Probably about a week before its complete.

owldeath2 answered 3 years ago
Which is that website where you can check PR across multiple data centers?

Squigley answered 3 years ago

That’s a good one for checking multiple datacenters.

Kevin11 answered 3 years ago
From the varions PR reporting type sites I’ve visited the consensus seems to put the next update somewhere around Aug 15.

But knowing google, you never know…

Rob472 answered 3 years ago
@owldeath2 132907 wrote:

Which is that website where you can check PR across multiple data centers?

There are a bunch of them.