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owldeath2 asked 3 years ago
Could anyone recommend a good SEO service? I have several sites that I don’t have time to optimise myself though I know which keyphrases I want to target. There are so many out there I know most of them must be rubbish and probably get punished by google too.

I understand the guaranteed position ones are just plain lying, though I found one that does refunds if it can’t get top 10.

Any advice v gratefully received! :santa2:

6 Answers
JohnV answered 3 years ago
I would be interested in this also. Please PM or post in the thread.

elgoog answered 3 years ago
i never saw a good one….
tried a few……
doing it myself now……
sometimes with free help from forums

Dominique answered 3 years ago
Most of them are pure crap.

Just subscribe to wordtracker and you’ll get a hang of it quickly.

bleuze answered 3 years ago
Believe me, your better offer doing it yourself. I paid someone and it wasn’t worth it. I started doing my own SEO in July and I’m at a PR3 now and get around 10 to 12 seach clicks aday beside promoting on manual exchanges.

owldeath2 answered 3 years ago
I think I phrased the question incorrectly. The sites are already optimised and ranking well for the keyphrases I want but I want to get them higher, though I haven’t time to do content and buy links myself.

JasonZ answered 3 years ago

I have moved a few sites up to page 1 of Google for our industry. Send me a PM if you want to discuss further.