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Pagerank went up!

asked 1 year ago
I’ve been looking at my google pagerank bar constantly every day since july and my pagerank today just went from 0 to 1 !!! The thing is that the page rank is going CRAZY and jumping all over the place between 0 and 1 like a freak! I just checked it now and its at 1. Some of you may know from my other posts that I’ve been waiting since july, 8 months ago, to get out of the sandbox and get a pagerank and now the big pig is flying out of the hamper and everything is just going nuts right now!!:hitthefan Does this mean im actualy out of the sandbox now because i have a pagerank of 1? Also, since google takes forever to update their pager, is there a way to specifically check your results live instead of waiting 3 months to see if my content change was good or bad for the search engines?
1 Answers
webber286 answered 1 year ago
Pagerank has nothing to do with the sandbox. The sandbox is applied to most new sites, preventing them from ranking for their competitive keywords. No one knows for sure how to get out of the sandbox, but many people know how to improve their rankings — by optimizing on-page content and gaining backlinks.

Since you have a PR1, that means that you don’t have very many quality links pointing to your site, and regardless of if you are in the sandbox or not, you won’t rank well for any competitive gambling related keywords. PR is one of the factors considered in Googles ranking algorithm, but it is debatable if PR itself does anything for you since it is more of a measure of how many other sites are linking to you.