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Meta Tags?

Bonus Paradise asked 3 years ago
i read different opinions about meta tags
some are saying Meta tags are not more needed.
What is your opinion about?
and what is the best Meta tag to use?

Do Meta Tags work on such a board what i have, even they are not total on top in my source?
I can add them only in my header there,
and it then not under title like i see on other pages.

The good thing is,
I have a seperate header for each board on my forum
and each board has its own title.
Well at least i heard this is a good thing.

I am working on a simple webpage now for the start
i cant wait to see, it this makes really a difference
to have a freeboard or a simple webpage with a shorter URL?

any comments and info is much appreciated.

3 Answers
elgoog answered 3 years ago
meta description is still usefull,
when google lists your page, it can use this description in the “snippet”, that is the description below your url in the searchresultspages, if you write it well, it can attract people to click on your link

not top in your source – not very important

description and title must be different for every page

freeboard or a simple webpage with a shorter URL- not much difference imho

have fun building your new webpage!!

Bonus Paradise answered 3 years ago
thank you elgoog :hattip:
have a great weekend

answered 3 years ago
Meta “keywords” is also used by some smaller search engines, but not Google. Does no harm in having it but limit to 10 words.