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Land Based Casino database

chockee asked 1 year ago
Hello All,

In an effort to make my site more useful for my visitors I am looking to make a section which is a directory of land based casinos (for as many countries as possible)

I see a number of sites that provide a directory service like this, and I was wondering does anyone know where I can obtain this information easily??

If its any incentive to someone help me out, I will happily in exchange for the info give a one way homepage link from a PR5 site



3 Answers
chockee answered 1 year ago
:blahblah: I was thinking about this on this way home, and I would like to change the offer

I may not be the biggest contributor on CAP but the whole area of offering a landbased casino directory is ultimatley annoying me so much

Anyone that can point me in the right direction for a US/Euro database

I will give

Homepage PR6
Homepage PR5
Homepage PR4

And Run of site links which range from PR2 -5 – so basically permanent footer links!

All oneway links

All permanent (so 3 sites as long as I do aff stuff <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> )

I downloaded a DMOZ file but it seems a very painful way (workwise) to do things

I do diff stuff by the day so I am giving away links due to time pressure

My perfect solution would be “publicly” tell me how I was missing a trick so we so all know and others could do it or if that does not suit PM me

I’m pretty easy either way but I do believe as we are all competing in the same market place information is power its what so we do with that information is what makes it powerful – so have no fear may the best aff win <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

Not sure if anyone can help but by now I am sure I have gone on for long enough and you have got my point


Chockee :blahblah:

chockee answered 1 year ago
From some of the replys I think I have may been unclear

I am not looking for sites that have this service like casinocity as an example I am looking for a place to get this info for use on my own site