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January Mid Month Poll – How’s Business?

You have affiliate marketing questions. CAP has answers!Category: Polls & SurveysJanuary Mid Month Poll – How’s Business?
Professor asked 1 year ago
Ok Guys we are at the half way point. How is business this month?
10 Answers
Dominique answered 1 year ago
I voted excellent – and that is true for signups and deposits. But I do have some winners again in programs that bundle. I am starting to reconsider my opinon of some bundling places, even if the bottom line is sometimes excellent.

Other times it’s not, and I am getting too old for ths s#!t. Now I’ll have to spend all month climbing out of a hole and hope to make a profit in the end.

It’s too much like gambling itself when they bundle – the house always wins, and I stand to lose very frequently. Might as well just bet my month’s income on red.

Despite some recent statements about which programs I like, my tolerance for this is starting to run thin.

worldpeace answered 1 year ago
winners are killing me….im trying to shift back to more POKER related

betprize answered 1 year ago
Totally agree with worldpeace and Dominique. I am new to this business, started only 2 months ago, and have just a few customers. All of them in a program that bundles. The winners are killing my profit second month in a row! One player in particular. Every time he loses a $1,000, he puts in another $2,000 and wins $3,000! It has been repeated 3 times within 20 days. If not for a good reputation of this affiliate program, I would have suspected a fishy business going. Started to look for me it is more profitable to play at a casino than to become its affiliate!
It is a surprize for me to know that even big guys like with such a huge variety of affiliate programs and casino options can get in the red once in a while. Btw how often does it happen with established businesses, if it is not a secret?

Dominique answered 1 year ago
It happens randomly – it is as much luck as the player has.

It tends to reverse itself eventually with most programs – but with bundling programs the chances that it reverses itself are much smaller.

The casinos have the budget to absorb these things easily, affiliates in general do not.

darko123 answered 1 year ago
hello, what do you mean by “programs that bundle” ?

also is it only some affiliate programs that let you see how much single players have deposited & won/lost


elgoog answered 1 year ago
my best casino pays me weekly
good for januari sofar

bundle: different casinos into one paying account

Dominique answered 1 year ago
darko123 wrote:
hello, what do you mean by “programs that bundle” ?

also is it only some affiliate programs that let you see how much single players have deposited & won/lost


A program bundles when it has several casinos and if there is a winner in one, it wipes out your income in all of them.

What you can see in your stat varies a lot.

darko123 answered 1 year ago
ahh i see – thanks for the reply

I have been doing alot of searching for the right affiliate programs to join recently- i did come accross some that had multiple casinos which offered no carry neg carry over from casino to casino, so if you did get a big win in one it wont affect the other(s) – one of the programs im with Ad-richs does this

dudie answered 1 year ago
I just started out a month ago, and I have the same problem with people winning. This is from one Casino with 12 active players and the losses is not neg after eatch period:

Period 1: $ -70.99
Period 2: $ -149.31
Period 3: $ -207.42
Period 4: $ -214.93

Is this normal?

Edit: The losses is my losses (15% share)

betprize answered 1 year ago
I am a newbie but I think it is normal (as far as you trust your affiliate program!). As Dominique mentioned, it is totally random. You never know how will you finish this month- in the red, or with a nice paycheque.
A couple of days ago my few existing clients were winning, and my balance was – $3,500. I even contacted my affiliate manager inquiring about three suspicious winnings in a row by one of my players.
Today, I am back into the positive territory after some players lost big. A couple of them are extremely active, playing practically every day (slots and table games). Within the last month each of them lost over $3,000!
So it is pure luck. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I will be in the red again? At least, I have prepared myself for that.