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Firefox Users:

voodooman asked 1 year ago
I have just downloaded Firefox because some folks have said my site has some problems in this browser.

I cant get it to connect to the Internet.

Can someone explain how I need to configure this thing? I an on a Cable Modem and Have Norton Ant-Virus software installed. Under Options, I have ‘Direct Connection to the Internet’ checked.

What else?

8 Answers
FPForum answered 1 year ago
one trouble shooting step would be to disable norton antivirus..sounds like you internet options are correct..if IE will open the net but firefox wont i would try disabling your firewall. if that does not work try uninstalling/reinstalling firefox

voodooman answered 1 year ago

Good suggestions but neither worked. I will NOT completely disable Norton (I have tried diabling the Firewall as you suggested with no success)

Re-installing did not do anything either.

Must have something to do with the connection options, but I cant figure it out!!

Anyone else here ever Install/Use Firefox connect through a cable modem and have isues?

occ answered 1 year ago
I use norton as well and had a problem with this. The only way around it is to right click on your norton icon (bottom right) and when the options come up choose disable internet security for 5 minutes or however long you want to stay on Firefox.

FPForum answered 1 year ago
I did tech support for Adelphia cable for quite some time and Norton seems to be the biggest peice of junk out there..We would get constant calls daily regarding ms outlook and outlook express where people cant get their email..we have them disable norton, and wa-la..Try completely disabling norton and then trying out firefox for a couple minutes..if you notice it working, then call norton and b!*%$ at them because their anti virus does not work with firefox..hey, at least then you know who to complain to! hehe

Fergie answered 1 year ago
I use Firefox as often as I use IE.

I had the same problem with Firefox (Norton preinstalled on a new computer), my solution was to throw out the baby with the bathwater and uninstall Norton. Problem solved.

I’ve always used Trend Micro PC-cillin, rather than Norton, so I don’t miss Norton at all.

arnoldpalmer answered 1 year ago
It is most probably Norton that’s causing the problem. The Firefox knowledgebase is very good and worth a look. These 2 articles may help you;

Configuring Norton

Best solution would be to dump Norton and use a decent AV, I use Kaspersky which is pretty good.


nick777 answered 1 year ago
I had the same problem with Firefox and downloaded it for the exact same reason, my site was not being displayed properly using the firefox browser

Wait till you try and figure out how to fix your site so it is displayed properly in the Firefox, that will be a pain in the ass

After trying to figure it out and having tech guys working on it, i gave it up, it is either an issue with your site builder or error codes in your html

You might have to go into your site builder and fix your site using the firefox browser, or you can go to and find out where your errors in the html are and remove them, it may not work, but that’s your most likely starting point

If you do figure out how to fix your site, please share the info with me

Actually, i just saw your problem, with the navigation menu…you’re lucky, that’s easy to fix, you should see how ridiculous my site looks in the firefox browser, take a look at these 2 pages…

and compare them using the 2 browsers

With your problem i would just adjust the size of the pics/banners to the right of the page, make them smaller in width and it should work, do it using the firefox browser in your site builder

good luck

voodooman answered 1 year ago
You guys were right!!!!!!

Thanks, all I needed to do was disable Norton for 5 minutes. I looked through my sites pages with Firefox and all looked OK so I re-enabled Norton.

I know a lot of people have strong opinions about Norton, but this is clearly a Firefox issue and a major drawback of the Firefox browser. I cringe everytime I have to turn off my Virus/Spyware protection for any length of time, ever and if Firefox thinks that Norton users will just happily turn off their protection while casually browsing the Internet just to use their Browser, they are sadly mistaken–ugh.

I will never visit any sites other than my own without Virus/Spyware protection enabled–I’ve been burned too many times.

No matter what you guys think of Norton, this issue will prevent me from EVER using Firefox for anything other than to check my own site.

Thanks again!!!