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best looking affiliate site

truckin asked 1 year ago
what affiliate site do you think is the best looking?

:blush: :satisfied :huh2:

4 Answers
sipka answered 1 year ago
I really love allseing’s sites:

They have a very professional look and feel, great usability and design.

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allseeing answered 1 year ago
Thanks sipka,
It’s really nice of you to nominate my sites!! <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />
I really like yours too.

One question that I think us affiliates need to ask ourselves when embarking on designing a site is whether to design for a particular market. For example, American sites in general (not talking just about gambling) have a different look and feel to British sites, and these in turn are different from other European sites.

Another question is does pretty make richer? The bigger affiliate sites many times lack the design quality, but somehow people flock to them. Or is it that small affiliates starting up have to try harder to get a foot in the door…

sipka answered 1 year ago
Allseing, you have already known my “loving” about your sites <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” /> It makes me always feel so good to see such a great design, IA, etc..

But good points there… Sometimes I also used to think about what makes a site good, because I see a lot of poorly designed sites, and despite the lack of good navigation and tons of banners : these sites sell!
I’m sure you all know those one-page-100-miles-long websites.. and they convert…

Maybe the clue could be the cultural differences (between Europe and America) and the definition of the target market. (What is a default gambler looks like – I don’t mean how tall he is, but from what niche could he come. What is his background? – I don’t really know…) Sometimes I have an urge feeling to throw a lot of banners into my site to help conversions, but when I think it over I always come to the conclusion that I hate banners on sites, so I don’t want my visitors to hate my site.. <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

But maybe I am wrong, and my visitors want a truck of banners to their face <span title=” title=”” class=”bbcode_smiley” />

allseeing answered 1 year ago
I agree regarding the banners. I dont like them either. In fact I ignore them and like you, try not to have too many. Maybe have them in strategic places. It would be intereting to know whether conversions come from clicking on text links from recommendations or clicking on banners. I know theres ways to track this but it’s so tedious…

I remember when I was working for a newspaper website that banners and tiles have very poor click rates, but it seems to be different with gambling. Maybe we should re-focus this to really badly designed sites that makes tons of money! Maybe we could learn something!! lol