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Fantasy Sports Affiliate Programs

Make no mistake about it, fantasy sports is huge not only in the US but around the world. Despite this, it is often overlooked by affiliates who prefer to work in more mainstream verticals such as online casino and sports betting.

Fantasy sports takes many forms, from season-long to daily, and sees players put their knowledge and skills to the test as they look to assemble teams that outscore those built by other players. And with big prizes to play for, its popularity should come as no surprise.

Why Affiliates Should Work with Fantasy Sports Brands:

Fantasy sports is more than a gap-filler; it has a large and loyal player base in its own right but can also be used to engage players in countries and states that have yet to legalise sports betting. The cross-sell between fantasy sports and sports betting is significant.

As with other niche verticals such as crypto gambling, fantasy sports is less competitive which means there is great potential for affiliates, especially smaller operations, to get in on the action and claim a significant share of the market so long as they are passionate and dedicated.

The good news is that affiliates do not usually have to secure a licence to promote fantasy sports brands – which can be the case for casino and sports betting – which further reduces the barrier to entry.

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What Do Fantasy Sports Operators Offer? 

Fantasy sports adds another level of excitement for sports fans. Not only can they watch the action, but they can use their knowledge and understanding of the game to build their own teams, compete against other players and be in with the chance of winning big prizes.

Most fantasy sports brands offer contests across all of the major global sports including American football, soccer, basketball, golf, hockey, boxing, motor racing, baseball and even esports.

There are many different types of contests for players to enter, from classic salary caps to leagues, multiplayer, head-to-head face-offs and much more. Of course, players compete for prizes and in some instances jackpots that run into the millions.

Just like with online casino, poker and sports betting, players are welcomed with generous bonuses and ongoing promotions to reward their loyalty.

What makes fantasy sports stand out from other gaming verticals is that it is highly social, with hundreds of websites, forums and social media groups where players can chat stats, picks and more.