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Who Owes?

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    A company that provides a service here on CAP, once owed a CAP member a couple hundred dollars, the company (or site) sold, the $$ was given to me as a bonus by the person owed, since he was having no luck getting the service.. (he was told his site was to specific for the service)

    Now the site may have sold a time or two since all of this, because different people are advertising it, every time I’ve inquired about the $$ owed, I’ve been told to ask the old owner by the new, and the new by the old.

    Seems a waste to just give it away like that.. I’d just as soon see if the company can now provide the service that two the original customer that the old owner could not.. It wasn’t even my money, but it still irritates me everytime I see an add from the site in the services section…so who owes?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)