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Affiliate Managers

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    Guys we have set up a private area for Certified Partner Affiliate Managers here at CAP.

    This area is NOT visible to affiliates, visitors or ANYONE other then the affiliate managers I have approved and CAP Admin personnel (Myself, Natalie, Warren).

    Even CAP Affiliate Moderators or community personalities such as Dominique, Integrity, kwblue etc… do NOT have access to this area. Please do not discuss this area or any conversations here with them.

    The purpose of the new section is to provide our certified partners with an ultra secure environment to discuss things that you value, but don’t wish to share with the general public.

    The Rules are simple and strictly enforced:

    1. The resource is PRIVATE and available to affiliate managers of our certified programs ONLY. If your program leaves CAP your access will be revoked.

    2. This is a special private and secure area. Discretion is paramount. You may NOT discuss ANYTHING you see or hear in the private area with ANYONE. If we don’t maintain the strictest confidence of all participants then the area has little value. So we take security EXTREMELY seriously. Anyone who violates this rule will have access to the private area permanently revoked.

    3. You may NOT:
    a) Cut and paste any conversations
    b) Make reference to anything you see or read in the private areas in a public area here at CAP or elsewhere.
    c) Do NOT discuss anything with affiliates regarding this area or any threads contained within.

    Thank you for your cooperation and for supporting our community. :hattip:

    Let the discussions begin!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)