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Warning! Casino riva( acf-webmaster) are scam!

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    I am one of Gambling Affiliate affilates.
    I’m working with them since march 2010. Until now, there were no problems with Casino Riva campaign. Payment were on time. But on the 15 July I got this mail:

    Dear Affiliates,

    The CPA deal for Casino Riva Polish campaign is stopping today. From now, you will get paid 25% RevShare on the net revenue generated from your players.

    We also inform you that for the period of May, June until the 13Th of July, the gains generated from Casino Riva Campaigns will stay on pending in your account for a delay of about 3 months. Our partner Casino Riva wish to do a deep check on the activity of the players recruited during that period before validating the payments and the validation of the CPA’s.This change on the deal concerns only Polish campaign, other Casino Riva campaigns are still running with the existing deals.

    We are sorry about that additional delay and we thank you for your understanding.

    Best regards,

    Why Casino Riva decided to held payments for players so late?
    (2 days before day of paying?), why they informed us so late about problems with players from May and June? On which basis they demanded 3 months to verify players? (5 months overall) Isn’t that strange tht all polish affiliates has the same problem now?

    Few days ago I’ve recived report from May and June. I’ve got 23/30 players accepted from May and only 2/45 from June.
    After sending mails to Casino Riva and acf-webmaster I’ve got respond: Casino Riva said they got no deals with me and told me to contact Gambling affiliation, and that I will get no money from them.

    I’ve spoke to Gambling-affiliation manager – he told me to speak to…Casino Riva, and not to them. So it is like that: Casino Riva says I need to contact Gambling affiliation, and Gabling affiliation says to contact Casino Riva.
    Manager also confirmed that they are verifying players asking them for documents. The are sending mails to players that they will get 15€/GB/$ bonus if they send documents to Casino Riva. If a player do that – he is accepted as verified and affiliate is paid form him. If he doesn’t do that he is of course rejected.

    My question to all managers is simple: when casinos started to verify players this way? This is the way to verify you traffic? What about all players that were on holidays (Hey, it’s summer!), received their e-mail in SPAM folder, or those that didn’t send documents cause they weren’t interested in bonus?
    Which of you, managers, would send his/her documents after getting such a mail?

    I would like to get explanation here on forum from Casino Riva. I request payment for 52 players.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)