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VIP Profits Changes Payment Dates

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    So does this mean I should just forget about any commissions from VIP? I have over the 250 mark too, about 600.


    I am updating some banners on my site and have tried to access the VIP Profit affiliate site for 4 days now and have shot them e-mails and nothing…has anyone heard anything recently?


    I tried to call VIP this morning and nothing, they won’t acknowledge that VIP Profits even exist. Too Funny!

    Me: Ma’am do you know when the VIP will be back up?

    VIP CS: VIP Profits whats that?

    Me: Your Affiliate Program.

    VIP CS: I Don’t work in the Affiliate Office. I don’t Think we ever had one.

    Me: There is a link on

    VIP CS: I don’t see a link to the affiliate program on our website.

    Me: It’s on the bottom menu. Look yourself.

    VIP CS: There is no Affiliate Link on our homepage im looking at it now.

    Me: WTF? Hangs up.

    Too funny, you would think I was calling the Air Force inquiring about Area 51 or something. I guess I’ll never see that $550


    i just logged into the site now and it seems fine i did get paid but i had to call them like every other day for about a month before they sent my money.


    I myself am having trouble getting paid so now I cannot help others …lol


    @bonustreak 156925 wrote:

    I myself am having trouble getting paid so now I cannot help others …lol

    Have you been paid yet? I have sent them quite a few emails, but I haven’t received an answer yet


    Received payment on Thursday from VIP Profits. A couple weeks earlier than usual.

    I’ve never had to call them, they have payed out every 3 months like clockwork for 5 quarters now.


    seems based on tuleja comments and this which i got from the vipprofits website that we might get paid a bit early this time, instead of the month and a week it usually takes to get paid after the quarter ends.

    From: VIP Administrator
    Dear Affiliate, This message is to let you know that 2nd Quarter 2008 affiliate commissions will be processed the week of July 14th, 2008. Thank you for your continued support of VIP Profits and our brands. Regards, VIP Profits

    did you get paid bonusstreak?


    I was paid but I cannot remember when exactly but I will let you know about the next quarter.


    I’ll believe it when I see it. They only owe me $1k or so, but I’m not holding my breath for this one.


    lets keep eachother updated.

    I would like to know when the money gets taken out of everyones account and also when you guys do get paid and how you were paid.

    I am just trying to make sure i dont get forgotten again like seems to happen sometimes.

    If i do get forgotten i want to raise a stink about it ASAP so they can get it taken care of.

    I did not have enough to get paid last quarter but this quarter has been good to me.


    and i still see the money in my account.

    has anybody else seen the money withdrawn from their accounts?


    Also waiting to get paid for 2nd quarter, no answer on emails sent to them. Lets see what happens.


    Naftali: Is this with regards to an affiliate payment?
    scott dieken: yes it is
    Naftali: Ok, in that case you are better off talking to Blake.
    Naftali: However he is not available on live chat.
    scott dieken: yes well i talked to steve and he said he was going to ask blake for the payout amounts
    Naftali: Is it possible to call in, and ask to be transferred to him?
    scott dieken: what is the number
    Naftali: Did you dial 1-800-300-BETS?
    scott dieken: yes
    scott dieken: pay outs customer services press 3
    scott dieken: our payouts department is currently closed please call back between 9am and 4pm eastern standard time
    Naftali: 800 300 2387 is our Service Centre number and as you are pressing 3 you are sent to the Payout’s dept which closes at 4. All other depts are 24/7. Is that clear?
    scott dieken: thanks
    Please wait while I transfer the chat to Steve.
    You are not currently in a chat session.
    You are now chatting with Steve
    Steve: Hi Scott
    scott dieken: aloha
    scott dieken: did you get payment info from blake?
    Steve: I thought I explained to you when we spoke, you need to speak to Blake mate. he’s the Affiliate Manager, it has nothing to do with player payout’s department. You’re an affiliate and as such you deal with the Affiliate Manager. None of the Service Centre agents here can help you because they don’t deal with Affiliates.

    Steve: Call the office direct and ask for Blake. +599-9-737-4777 you’re then talking direct to the horses mouth as it were!

    Steve: If you want your money quickly, once you chatted to Blake and you’re in the Sates, I would recommend a Moneygram. It’s Cash – 24/48 hour turn-around if that helps. Fee is 7% though as it’s Cash. You’ll need proof of ID to pick it up…just a FYI
    scott dieken: sweet idea!
    Steve: You must understand that you are an Affiliate and as such you need to deal with the Affiliate Manager, not the staff on the floor here in Customer Service.
    scott dieken: mahalo and thanks for your time
    Steve: No problem at all. You have the office number now, so you know what to do. No need to call the Service Centre. Blake should be in tomorrow I think.
    Steve: Just one thing Scott. Please don’t make silly comments like this to my staff in future mate! “scott dieken: you guys aren’t going out of business or anything like that?” I’d appreciate it thanks. )
    scott dieken: oops
    scott dieken: sorry


    My brother worked for me at one point and he said i am good at bugging people until i get what i want. NOT exactly a compliment but i think its honest.

    Would appreciate if you guys could do some bugging also.

    I think its $3 a minute on my cell phone for calling another country

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 41 total)