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    In the last year we saw the online gambling world take some shots from the US Gov led by George Bush and the Republicans

    I know that rubbed many people the wrong way, including myself, but what makes people think the Democrats are any better, or even different in their beliefs

    I’ll prove they are the same, when the next elected president is a Democrat, which will be in a few months, they will have the power to undo the damage done, but they won’t, they won’t reverse the online gambling ban, re-institute Neteller, etc

    Bush took the opportunity to bring his boys into the online gambling world during his reign of terror, remember these are those Nazi/Jew/Banker/Oil Tycoon types that escaped to America after WW2 and put George Bush sr in power and funded him, then set up shop and infiltrated the government, Bush sr was bringing them in one after another and appointing them government jobs

    Basically these are the same guys that have been terrorizing the world for over 100 years now, i like the way they just casually stepped in and took out companies like Neteller and replaced them with their boys, as if it would go unnoticed.

    Meanwhile, the Democrats with Clinton in charge were supplying Muslim terrorist organizations with weapons made in the USA, which they used on my guys, Americans, and whoever else didn’t support their religious beliefs

    While this was going on the American people got to enjoy Billy boy blowing on a metal pipe, getting hummers from “Miss Pretty in Pink Lewinsky”, schilling his talentless doped up brother, and basically acting like a total idiot

    So who is the bigger douchebag, i’m not sure, so i’ll take the guy behind “Door # 3” just to be safe, i don’t even care who it is lol, get me that angry Alaskan guy, i want him as a president, he is hilarious, or Schwarzennegger, him as president would make me howl too

    I guess what i’m trying to say is that the damage is done, u might like the Democrats because they won’t do any more damage to the industry, but they won’t undo the damage done either which makes them bad people, these guys are supposed to be rivals, but they’re not, they’re teammates

    To make things even worse, it don’t matter who u vote for, the elections are rigged

    This is dedicated to u Lou, i know how much u like these political debates, if only u weren’t so persistent with your desire to want to believe in the Democrats and them being so righteous

    Lets all vote to reinstate the Monarchy, it’s the best, just because a few English pricks ruined the concept in people’s minds doesn’t mean it’s bad, that was by design anyway, it was the only way to bring in an evil government to enslave the people, if the Monarchy was in good standing nobody would want change

    Lets get a real king at the throne, somebody that people can respect, not some clown that gets laughed at by his own people even

    I’m having this vision of Schwarzennegger as king, like in Conan the Barbarian, i’m just seeing it develop right before my eyes, it’s a little bit scary actually, i predicted him as president around 15 years ago and everyone laughed, but i was being serious, i mentioned it here a few times, the guy is getting really close to that throne, it could happen sooner than u think.

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