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    I am wondering why it’s so hard to get new signups recently? is it because the definition of signup has been changed in your system? and I get a lot of negative signups in this months, can you please tell me what’s the meaning of negative signups, so I can know more about the statistics..

    thank you veyr much


    The definition of signups has not changed in the new system. A sign up is basically a player who created an account. You see the amount of new real money players in the “new depositors” column. Note that the “New poker customers” and “new casino customers” columns reflect the number of customers making their first money transfer to a poker or a casino account respectively. That means that a new depositor and a new poker customer can be the same player.

    The negative figures shown in your stats reflect the players flagged as fraud which we remove from your account on a daily basis.
    I’ll send you now a PM to comment some of your figures.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)