Professor’s Picks NFL week 18

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    Ok Guys we have a brand new season. A few of the teams in the playoffs have been sandbagging the last few weeks and what we see on the field now may be either suprisingly well rested and strong or rusty and out of step.

    Heres my picks for this round. These are really tough as all the teams in the playoffs this year are good teams:

    Washington at Seattle – I think Washington has the core strengths to pull this one off. The only question mark is home field. Skins

    Jacksonville at Pittsburgh – Jacksonville is for real. They have dominant offensive and defensive lines, a dominant running game and a decent passing game. This is what wins play off games. Pittsburgh cant be counted out though as they know how to win, are aggressive and are playing at home. Awesome game. I pick the Jaguars to come out on top.

    Giants at Tampa Bay – Tampa Bay does it. Overall they have superior team and Garcia wont choke like Manning will.

    Tennessee at San Diego – Ok the parties over for the Titans. San Diego beats their asses like a big blue drum.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)