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    Ok, everyone is waiting for the next move in online gambling advertising… I’ve been thinking about setting up a brokerage type service that matches advertisers and content providers, and monitors/manages the PPC side of things.

    I’ve actually been looking (on and off) at the mechanics of this for the past couple of months, but in a more general-topic sense… Google and Yahoo’s decisions got me thinking more niche, focusing on Online Gambling… probably one of the biggest problems I face, is convincing gambling webmasters to use a mix of affiliate advertising, and PPC advertising – I’ve got a few ideas on that though ;)

    A couple of things you guys could help me with… first of all, what do you all think about the domain name I’ve got for this ‘’ – I think it’s pretty cool, definitely right to the point…

    I’m sure there are a few people out there who already have plans for a solution to this mess, that are well ahead of me in terms of getting something off the ground. For that reason, I’m putting the domain name on the market for a couple of weeks only, see what kind of response I get – so any interested parties, email me at and make me an offer – I’ve set no expectations on this, all reasonable offers will be considered.

    The second thing you can help me with (and this is the more likely scenario) is that I soon will be putting together a functional spec and design for the back-end functionality that I want for this brokerage service… if there is anything you really want to see in terms of making online gambling advertising ‘just like you want it to be’ – then I’m open to any suggestions you might have… If this is going to work, we’ll need the support and desire of online gambling webmasters… and I’m sure many of you have different needs to what I have with my own sites.

    I am also open to any partnership deals for this project – either in terms of supplying capital or resources (mainly in the form of programmers – preferably PHP/MySQL, but I will consider other environments depending on level of comittment / experience etc.)

    I guess this may seem a little vague for the time being, but over the next couple of weeks I will be assessing the situation in more detail and firming up my design plans… the more information I can get in that time the better.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)