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    I have network of 70 poker sites. I’m selling links in groups of 10 or all 80.

    I have no spaces left for Terms “bonus code” or “marketing code”

    If you need another anchor I’m your man. I will have those in a month or 2 on about 30 other sites.

    Examples of these links at:

    Links are pr0-pr1

    Link on each for for 2.00/month each
    Link on 10 for 15.00/month
    Link on 70 for $ 70.00/month for all the links

    Min 6 months for all packages paid monthly via paypal subscribe

    PM me for anything you want, All sites are online poker related. I do not give out complete lists until agreement is made. Once I put 10 up I’ll give you a list and if you dont like the sites you can cancel, but they all look like ones above. Once I place all the links I will give you complete list.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)