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    Sonja C.

    I decided to share my experience with some payment providers, all is based on my personal experience:

    1. betsson

    Betsson is a casino operation, and also a payment provider, using them until now was quite OK but some criticism that I have about them is as follow:

    while traveling a person is very much dependent on his payment provider allows him to cash out the amount that practically belongs to him, in Betsson it’s a bit of a problem: not long ago I received the following email from Betsson (cut & paste):

    “Kindly note that your account with us have temporarily been frozen.”

    my reply to them was that I am traveling and I need my account to be opened ASAP, their reply was “sorry”, an Amrcian/British term used by English speaking dudes which has no meaning whatsoever, similar to the common amount of IQ of an average English speaking dude (with some exceptions of course).

    Trying to call them also did not work since their customer support for their affiliates is of course not working during weekends.

    Conclusion: betsson is totally not trusted solution to payments and to a wallet that is holding your money that belongs to you.

    Some more information about Betsson: this brand is a very greedy try to encourage their affiliates to use their earning amounts for playing in their online casino, for this their system is very much tuned but unfortunately their system is not tuned so well in order to assist to their customers to get the money that belongs to them while traveling or while it’s needed.

    A person who’s traveling can simple have his account blocked for no reason and receive a crappy message with “sorry” but we don’t give a damn about you, you can be stuck in the end of the world traveling with no money but “please” be kind enough to wait to our customer support operational time and we’ll try to help you if we decide that we want to. (but otherwise you can simple play and loose the money that you earned in our casino, for this our customer support system is operational 24×7 inducing weekends.

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