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Online Gambling Community, Poised to be Duped?

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    Is the online gambling community so in despair about the recent passage of the UIEGA that we are in a volatile position to be duped. Reaching for straws or that unattainable brass ring? In some events over the last few months I’m starting to wonder.

    A friend of mine is an Ass’t DA here in LA County. She knows a Post-Judiciary Applet Atty who works for the Northern NJ PDA office. She no-doubly has access to any and all records and dockets in the NJ 3rd District. I had my friend here in LA ask her about the pending iMEGA suit against DOJ. According to her, there is No Docket Against Gonzales or the DOJ. No organization has filed a lawsuit with the plaintiffs name: Imega or Interactive Media & Gambling Association.

    This don’t necessarily mean none will be filed or has not. Most cases are assigned a Docket # and/or Filing # within 72 hours after the court clerk has received the complaint. If this Lawsuit was filed on June 9th, according to Imega it should have been assigned one by now, if not put on the Schedule.

    This just makes one wonder if the Lawsuit was ever filed or will be. Yes; there are some mitigating circumstances that would hold up a potential civil case from proceeding. But there should be some sort of evidence of the filing and according to the NJ 3rd District rep. There is none. This wouldn’t be the first time an organization has pulled a fast one on the Gambling community. Remember, YouTeller was supposed to be up by NCAA tourny time? Whatever happen to Denise Richards? and who can forget WOW WOW WOWTeller.

    So the ? is why would so called organizations and entities play off on some of our concerns and despair regarding the passing of the UIGEA for their own needs? Seems to me as if they are someway taking advantage of this unfortunate situation for their own good or whatever their agendas maybe. I thought that was the whole purpose of passing the UIGEA was to protect Americans from this sort of people offshore? The irony of it as the entities that are so, questionably injecting themselves into the gambling scene now are right in our own backyards. Here in America! Maybe Congress should take the time in cleaning house here in the ole USA before feebly trying to clean the backyards of others, who seem to be doing a good enough job themselves. You got it sort of like the offshore gambling community.

    Just my 2c

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)