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Online Gambling a Matter of Personal Choice!

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    Even the title rules!

    This is from the Miami Herald.

    Online gambling issue is matter of personal freedom
    Special to The Miami Herald

    Like countless other responsible, adult Americans, I enjoy spending some leisure time playing online poker. Likewise, as an American poker player, I have been riveted to unfolding events in Congress as they relate to my hobby, since the game I enjoy, which was created in this country, is under attack.

    A brief history lesson. In 2006, due in part to the Jack Abramoff scandal, Congress passed The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (the ”UIGE”). (Interestingly, Jack Abramoff would have supported this bill since it accomplished exactly what he had lobbied Congress to do by exempting domestic, online lotteries, but I digress.) The UIGE is a very vague and poorly written attempt at prohibiting online gambling, including poker, by restricting the flow of funds to gambling websites. However, due to an increasingly public outcry against the UIGE, there are a number of bills that have been introduced in Congress, including House Bill H.R. 2610 introduced by local Congressman Robert Wexler (who represents the 19th District of Florida, covering Broward and Palm Beach counties). H.R. 2610 or The Skill Game Protection Act, clarifies the UIGE to exclude games of “skill,” such as poker, bridge, backgammon and mah jong. Additionally, this bill provides for the implementation of safeguards to prevent underage and problem gamblers, prevent online money laundering and collect much needed tax dollars from these activities.

    First, I would like to commend Congressman Wexler for backing personal freedom in this country. Prohibition has proven time and time again that it simply does not work. All prohibition does is make criminals out of otherwise responsible adults and drives personal activities underground to areas that cannot be safely controlled or regulated.

    Read the rest on their site :P

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