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    Do You Offer a Gambling Newsletter/Ezine at your site?
    How often do you publish?
    I am doing a survey of sites who offer newsletters/ezines.
    I receive many online publications in my inbox and I notice that the majority
    of them only publish the latest promotion/online casino and should be classified as an ad only.

    Do you publish content/article/column in your newsletter?
    IMO, those webmasters who only send out ads are not giving their readers full value and will lose subscribers.
    Why not offer at least 500 words on playing strategy, industry news and then
    tempt them to stay with a preview of what’s coming in the next issue?

    I have been Editor for 4 online gaming newsletters/ezine, one that currently
    boosts 25,000+ subs–Casino Players Ezine.
    There is so much potential for a newsletter/ezine and I hate to see it wasted.
    Ok, I’m done for now, but would be interested in your comments.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)