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    Hi all,

    I have been reading an increasing amount of complaints about non-paying aff programs.

    as many know …..I have long been pro-active about this matter.

    I also test programs…. and am not shy about taking down either of the above or being outspoken about them.

    sadly…. many seem to have not taken my advice.

    I take this chance to once again speak my mind.

    don’t get paid.. take them down. Most of you have that ability which i lack……. to use your CSS…. or whatever …. to take down non-paying aff programs.

    look at it this way.. keeping them up and gaining more income the next month .. really doesn’t do any good if they don’t pay you does it? sure …. keep them up on some remote page to avoid T&Cs issues. but dont’ continue to promote non-paying programs in quality spots.

    that means taking them down from all but a few chosen remote spots. you stand to lose nothing …… gain getting paid.

    I remind those not here long enough about my first real earnings in this biz. I was living on a loaf of bread and peanut butter for groceries.

    I earned 14k (my commission) with a program that had owed me 2k from previous month and i’d already taken down all their links i could find. sadly …..I’m very backwards and do everything by hand.

    I landed that big whale on some link I had not found.

    Now trust me on this. Most times …….. people will go where you recommend….. the links you provide. you risk unsrcrupulous programs … reap the (non-) rewards.

    do your players right….. yourself right. if you don’t get paid … what chance do you think your player has of collecting on any kind or real money?

    I write this about twice about year. Yet I can tell from all the complaints. my words often go unheard.

    Merry Christmas. I hope I saved some of you.

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