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Neteller Update?

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    You call that a Fucking update? Oh well, thank you Neteller for taking 75 days to “Agree” on a plan to give back MY Money! Yes and you have to love the “no interest on account balances will be paid. ” part notice how those jackasses put that in there. Hey its ok if we hijack your $$ for 8 months but dont expect any extra in return. What pricks.

    So it took those a-holes 75 days to come up with the idea of paying us back and now we have to wait till 17th of July to find out anymore? WTF. According to their “Plans” they will disburse it via Checking account on file or US Mail which they have the mailing address. So whats with the hold up? What the hell do they need another 45 days for? Fing ridiculas.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)